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Neile Cicigoi is Belgian. Graduated in fashion design, she dreams of living out her passions and in harmony with her convictions.

Feeling invested with a deeper mission, she decides to create her own brand by donating a part of every profit to a great cause.

With pure but meaningful pieces, natural materials and items produced exclusively in Europe and mainly in Belgium, this committed young designer intends to make her contribution.

Our engagement

The issue of homelessness looks like these trompe-l'oeil drawings. A decorative element in the heart of winter. Every day human beings die in the street of cold and hunger. The homeless are no longer just men. More and more women with young children are being found there.

Created in May 1968, the Fédération des maisons d'accueil et des services d'aide aux sans-abri (AMA) is a federation of institutions providing reception, accommodation and support for adults and families in psychosocial difficulty, as well as legal or natural persons active in the field of assistance and reception of people in great social precariousness.

Sharing the same struggle, the Femmeuse brand donates part of its profits to these associations.


Nos pièces sont conçues principalement à la main dans l'atelier Mulieris de Bruxelles.

Un espace qui propose aux personnes en difficulté sur le marché de l'emploi et plus particulièrement celles qui se retrouvent dans une situation de précarité, (faible scolarité, sans qualification), …

Prices justification

More expensive production costs due to :

- an exclusively European production, the majority of which is carried out in the Mulieris workshop in Brussels

- cost of creation, operation, communication and benefits

- recycled packaging

- organic raw materials

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